lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

Monsters activity

An after listening activity, during listening activity and before listening activity related with the picture of the aliens/monsters.

A)     Pre-listening activity

The teacher realizes an “alphabet soup” with the topic he/she wants the students learn (in this case, the parts of the body: legs, arms, eyes, head, etc.). In this way, the teacher prepares the alphabet soup and in the bottom of the document the teacher draws pictures of the parts of the body that are included in the alphabet soup. It’s important to write down the name of each part of the body next to the picture.


For example…


F          A          L          T          A         U        Q

C          I           G         E          R         C         S

D        M         N          L          G         Y         L

A         S          M         G         P          S         A

H         E          A          D         E          S         R

R         E          Y           E         S          R         M

J          G         A           F         N         S          S


B)     While-listening activity

The teacher, who has given a copy of the document to each student, explains to the pupils that he is going to describe all the monsters that appear in the picture, and they (the students) have to order with numbers. The descriptions of the different monsters have to have the same structure.

For example…

“The first monster has one leg; Also, he has three eye; Also, he has one head; Also, …”

“The second monster has four legs; Also, he has one eye; Also, he has two heads; Also,…”


C)      Post-listening activity

The teacher writes down in the blackboard the following sentence:

¿How it would be your ideal monster?

Then, the students have to draw in their notebooks their ideal monster and when they finish, they have to describe the monster to their partners and the partners have to draw the monster that their partners are describing.

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