lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

Activity handout page 29

A before listening activity related with these activities:
A)     Look at these pictures. What do you think the song is about?
(In this part of the exercise, you find some pictures and you have to predict what the song talking about).
B)      Listen and check your predictions.
C)      Look at the lines from the lyric. Do any of the final words rhyme with final words in another line?
D)     Listen and put the lines in order. Then listen to check.
(Here you find some lines to the song and you have to put in order remembering the letter of the song).
My own activity
E)      Create another pictures thinking about a song you like (maximum 4 pictures). Then, show your pictures at your partner. Can your partner chew the song? Can you chew the song of your partner?
For example…
Título de la canción: Tengo una muñeca

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