lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012


Pre Reading Activities

1.       We are going to learn something about mice.

Do you know something about them? Have you ever seen a mouse? Where?

Do you remember any famous mouse that appears in cartoons, movies, etc.?

How is it?


2.       Look at these pictures and try to guess what types of mice are.
- Jumping mouse       - Dormouse        - Harvest mouse        - House mouse       - Pigmy mouse

During Reading Activities
1.     Firstly, you have to read the text as quickly as possible. Did you understand something? What? Discuss with your partner.
2.     Read the text again. Meanwhile you are reading the text, fill the following table.
I have discovered the meaning of this word/expression…
through my knowledge of languages.
through the context.
I have read this word in another story.
I have found the meaning of the word in the dictionary.


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