viernes, 18 de enero de 2013

I can't hear you.

Pre listening activity

1. Firstly, the teacher gives a sheet with some actions to the children.

2. The teacher asks to the children about these actions.

        "What are they doing?"

The students may answer something like: "The boy is touching his nose".

Then the teacher may says: "Can you touch your noises?"

And all the students may touch their noises, and doing all the actions the teacher asks.

During listening activity

The teacher asks to the student to put in order the different actions that appear in the sheet. For doing that, he plays a song and pupils have to pay attention to order the actions in the correct way.

After that, the teacher says to the students to put them in pairs and to make the actions of the sheet in the order they want. One of the students will make the actions and the other one will order the actions.

Post listening activity

Children have to invent another song with other actions and represent it in the class.
They can draw pictures with the actions and give their sheet to their classmate on the right, and represent the actions which appear in the sheet.

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